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Cymatic Symbols and Resonance Patterning

Solfeggio tuning fork tones aid the buildup of natural energy forces within the body and aid in reducing stress. Tuning with the Solfeggio allows discordant energies to be released gently by repatterning energies into more focused and contemplative space. Explanations and studies on how resonance patterning occurs are available in many forms from symphonies to natural sound banquets.

Thomas J. Mitchell’s commentary on Rosslyn Chapel speaks to stone carvings displaying musical history, see http://www.interferencetheory.com/Articles/files/544e307e7c540c745a0340683695d1a0-3.html as sound art portraying the level of study and applied uses of reflective sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D68tHVEmexA discusses the Schumann Resonance and earth’s electronics in natural and unnatural frequencies along with sample action/response.

The study of cymatics include the observation of the effect of tones on matter. Please look at the following video. Cymatics – Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 2 of 3)

Evan Grant speaks of his love of cymatic studies in the following video:

If you wish to refer to Evan Grant later, this is the location of his presentation.

Levitation using sound chambers has been documented in the following video clip where objects become weightless in gravity.

The healing power of sound has been used through the ages to open the doors to higher consciousness and release trauma. Several choral schemes and inventions were traced in the Caduceus journal article “Rediscovering the Art and Science of Sound Healing” . John Stuart Reid and Annaliese Kohinoor offered the conclusion: “Buried fear-based issues and limiting beliefs tend to set up an internal conflict. The conscious mind may want to create a desired outcome, but the overpowering, conflicting influence of unresolved issues and beliefs block success. Nothing can become a part of your reality unless your feelings and your conscious mind are in alignment with the more powerful subconscious mind. Many effective vibrational healing modalities are available to resolve these blocks to well-being and success. The magnificent power of intention fully engages when all systems are in alliance, when the thinking-feeling self aligns with the underlying belief system.”

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