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What is a Private Session?

Chakra Color Coded Tuning ForksTypically, short sessions are 30 minutes  and are conducted fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions begin with an affirmation and use of the “OM” tuner to take away the stresses of the day. Biofeedback is available through the WinStarPro Aura Imaging system and most effective following a private session. Current events and concerns can be reviewed for the effect on the aura and light-body display. From this relaxed state after an sound private session, new opportunities can be tested for effectiveness and further honed into useful working knowledge.

A 60 minute session will add the spinus process using the weighted body tuners on specific areas along the spine and/or energy scanning which can assist finding and clearing energy blockages.

Session menus and day/times are available online by clicking here.

Please use the contact form to request more information or  reserve a session plan and time online by clicking here.