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Just what is a Sonic Shower?

For the Trek fans like me, a sonic shower creates images of a waterless exposure to sound that clears the pores and recharges Dax and all the other StarTrek crew members.  Sadly, no wizard has yet made a commercially viable 528 sonic shower or rest assured I would be rating it at Amazon!

However, we are subjected to sonic showers regularly to introduce group synergy.  Let me provide a quote: “Jazz singer Brous based the idea on a singing exercise she learnt as a student at Wesley College. “I love the idea of having a group of disparate people coming together in the middle of the city on the way to whatever they are doing that day to share an activity. When you have a group of voices moving around and shifting pitch, the result is quite extraordinary. It creates some great textures and the harmony is changing all the time. What begins as a sort of chord colour will sculpt itself naturally by the voices moving; it brings people together.” Read more at: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/sonic-shower-among-citys-symphony-20110527-1f7ka.html#ixzz27L8QtqsZ

Singing bowls, flutes, and drums have been used through history to celebrate meals and gatherings.  Pipe organs saturate with resonances from the pipe so that people leave supper meetings, theaters and churches with heightened perceptions and group awareness after their sonic showers.

Certain concert pieces leave the audience enraptured and supercharged, and the orchestra members so charged they are unable to sleep at all while others require less sleep to feel recharged and well rested.  Most notably, other concert scores shower the musicians in sounds resulting in member fatigue, illness, accidents, indigestion and  statistically significant higher rates of performance absence.

As for me, I would like to see a 528 hertz sonic shower head attachment commercially available or sent to me as a prototype for review.  Until then, I will use my 528 hertz MI tuner along with the other Solfeggio tuners with a healing intention on myself and others.  I offer private sessions and classes in sound therapy using the Solfeggio tones.  Please contact me for more information.