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Equinox and Sonic Cleaning Human Energies in 2012

The balance of the day and night is bringing balance throughout 2012, the year of transformation.  A few more minutes to relax and think bigger allowed me to focus on commercially accepted uses for sonic services.  Sonigrams can be used to testing objects within, including solid rock showing caverns as explained by a Shasta Lake Caverns tour guide yesterday.  My former employer, Napa Pipe, used sonic testing to find air pockets in welds and in steel plate.  Medical sonic services include pictures made without using radioactive materials.  My former employer, Syar Industries, used sonic testing to find commercially viable pockets of minerals underground for use with concrete and asphalt.

In the last 10 years, commercial applications include in home sonic cleaning.  Draperies, blinds, and delicate fabrics are candidates for commercial sonic cleaning services.  I did a quick search  and found many webpages of advertisements doing in-home sonic cleaning of draperies in place.

Is it such a stretch to think of using the Solfeggio Tones to sonically clean client energy fields? Using shared healing intention, I offer clients the opportunity to sonically adjust and clear their own energy fields while I provide and facilitate the tones UT, RE, M, FA, SOL, LA and the frequencies of 396, 417, 528, 639, 741,  and 852 hertz respectively.  These are tones not readily available using our present concert “A” and digital music scales.  These frequencies and their cymatic displays can be found on church walls and other locations of archeological significance.  The Latin translations for the tone MI 528 hertz frequency is resolve your problems/pollutions.  MI at 528 hertz is also known as the miracle tone.  And the Gulf Waters were cleared of oil spill contamination using 528 hertz.

The most common comment after my clients experience their first etheric energy field tuning is, “Wow”.   The next comment usually is, “I feel so peaceful.”  I teach certification path and non-certification path classes as well as offering private session.  I am developing self-healing methods using the OM and Solfeggio tones and healing intentions.  I find my own search is often for balance in my everyday activities.  My recent private sessions have shown me new patterns in the  2012 intentions  that I wish to make available for use by others.

May this equinox bring balance to you.