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528 Hertz Stories and Once Upon A Time….

A few years ago while teaching the second Energy Vitality Technique class, my hostess had a drain problem.  Quick as a flash, she pulled out her MI tuner and tuned the sink and the drain with her gold 528 hertz unweighted tuner.  I honor greatly the effective and efficient healing response of the body to the etheric energy tuners.  Even so, she and I looked at each other and then the ceiling in amazed gratitude as the drain gurgled and the full sink promptly emptied.  We both celebrated the chugging noises of a clear drain.  Several more gallons of water coursed through to the pipe, and the problem has not recurred.

So why did I remember this now?  My space has been a bit disordered for the last few months, and my house and yard have been receiving a lot of attention.  I have been setting up a larger sound healing classroom and meeting area, relocating my accounting office, and upgrading my sound healing room.  My home connections to the community are reflecting these internal changes back to me.  Yesterday I found myself hacksawing out some fittings by the water meter.  This morning I will hotseal new connecting parts in place.  Then I will request public works to turn the water on.  In my meditation this morning, I saw myself  watching my sound therapy hostess tune her drain with the full expectation of a miracle cure.  Now I will tune my home and the water fittings to complete my process of connecting to the public water works.   Let the healing be complete.