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Licensing through NTANA and SSHLB–What is the next step?

I am a certified master sound therapy teacher licensed through Natural Therapies Association of North America (NTANA).  I am also licensed under SomaEnergetics Spiritual Healer Licensing Board (SSHLB).   I have renewed for 3 years now, and I still enjoy the teaching and the private sessions.  I have not kept booths at the local healing fairs in 2012  as I have concentrated my free time on developing my tuning office and classroom.

While I have used and keep many tuning forks available, I prefer those based on the Solfeggio tones.  I carry and sell the full range of Solfeggio based tuners in addition to teaching classes on the use of SomaEnergetic trademark materials and copyrighted classes.

I am also a Biosonic tuning fork distributor, and I do have a small amount of inventory available for sale.  I can special order any product for you.

I have been considering training beyond continuing education.  I am seeking the appropriate vehicle and methods of documentation for my client’s experiences.  I had been looking at a Ph.D. degree in Transformative Leadership specializing in Sound Therapy.  Clinically documenting my experiences with the Solfeggio tones would be great fun for me.

An alternative plan is developing credentials in Reflexology as I have used Reflexology in my self-healing for decades.  I find using the Solfeggio tones on reflexology points allows me to direct healing to parts of my body not easily reached.

There are other alternatives.  I delight in seeking out what is appropriate for me.