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OM Tuner, 136.1 Hertz,and Pain Reduction

I began my tuning fork journey with finding 15 pain free minutes from a 6 month migraine.  Western Medicine had prescribed pain-killers that only masked the pain and left me drowsy and confused.  In my accounting profession, clarity is a must, so I looked elsewhere for pain relief.  My pain tolerance grew greater as the levels of pain increased.  Then I found the relief provided by the OM tuner.  No side effects, and I could use the OM tuner as much as I wanted.  The periods of pain decreased in length as I used the OM tuner to clear the underlying cause, slowly, over time, and with persistent healing intention.

A friend with arthritisI recently allowed me to work with her using the OM tuner and the SomaTuners.  She got up from the table pain free, and she bought an OM tuner on the spot.  I am very grateful.