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Kindred Spirits

At those blessed times when I find myself surrounded by kindred spirits, it is magical.  Talk is useful, and  talk can be effective.  Sometimes the silence comes, the celebration of completed communication.  Silence feels to me is the graduation signal  Before the new begins with a flurry of sounds and preparations, I celebrate that moment of pause and quiet.

I am just back from the 2012 EloheimChannel.com retreat, bringing new friends, new energies, and new communication as well as the opportunity to teach a breakout group.  And now is the silence as the holiday is celebrated and preparations for the new cycle begins.  There is much to contemplate on developing webinars and meetups using the internet.  And the seeking out of once a month facilities for local sound healing services and classes.

I have offered sound healing with the Solfeggio Frequencies since 2006.  I have always been told that saving for Christmas presents meant folks would not require my services between now and Christmas.  So I say this year let your Christmas present be spent on yourself!  Let the opportunity for claiming new levels of wellness in all your weave:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual be celebrated in some way.  Sound works for me, and I would be thrilled to offer my services in teaching or in presentations or in private sessions.

Yes, I travel, so please hostess me by helping bring together like minded folks in groups or in a series of one on one.  It is necessary that this be revenue neutral, especially when I am over 50 miles from my Fairfield home base as this requires a place to stay and a space to work  Please contact me with your thoughts, dreams, and plans.  Two together can move mountains!