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Sound Used in Release of Emotional Trauma

Trauma is ordinarily released from the body slowly, cell by cell, to allow complete assimilation of the experience.   In a healthy memory all five primary senses (tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, and smelling) record all life events for memory replay with emotions attached.  Some events are emotionally uncomfortable and are repressed forcing the body to skip over parts of the memory much like a skipping cd or dvd track jerks and replays without going on.  The body messages may become confused and filled with static creating discomfort and more trauma.  The messages and emotional rejections are often stored along with the original 3D memory replayed by the cells for resolution.

The body attempts to heal trauma cell by cell slowly to allow complete assimilation of the experience.  Once the process is completed, all energies are released back to present life.  The experiences completely processed are sloughed off much as a scab drops from a healed cut or burn.  Healing includes  resolving all sensory perceptions of the event so that the sights, sounds, odors, touch, and taste carry neither pleasure or pain emotions.  I find sound therapy encourages resolution to gratitude for the rich and abundant sensory experiences lived.  The emotional trauma finds no discord attached to the cells, and trauma simply drops away.  Sensory perceptions are enhanced for gathering new experiences.

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