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Scared Stiff vs “NO Puffing”

Ordinarily anxiety and stress are partners to the fight or flight adrenaline response.  The body’s occasional use of adrenaline is a healthy response that allows one to move quickly to avoid a perceived threat.  Breathing in a normal adrenaline response returns to normal shortly after the threat is neutralized.

The current American culture invites continuous adrenaline response in television and radio during leisure time and on the job stress during working hours.  The body is deluged with sights and sounds that invite adrenaline from the ballgame to the fast food shops.  The body is often tempted to  literally hold its breath, cell by cell, waiting for release from the perceived threat.  The levels of nitric oxide build up and result in stagnation within the cells.  Presenting the body with easeful sights and sounds such as beauty in nature allows the body to relax into better balance.  The body can be coached into better balance with tuning forks that scientifically show a NitricOxide  puffing, “NO Puffing”  and “spiking” as the body responds to the release is  a clinically proven phenomena.  Research done by Salaman, E., Kim, M., Beaulieu, J. and Stefano, G. (2002) found that a 128 cps tuning fork spikes NO and enhances NO puffing.  In addition to the other attributes of the Solfeggio tones, the SomaEnergetics etheric and color body tuners are documented as aiding the body to release nitric oxide.  The body processes the spiking response long beyond the session.   Research clearly indicate at least a 24 hour response as the body reduces stress levels and resumes normal processes.

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