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Learning to Listen to Underlying Tones

While machines told me my hearing range and cognition was always exceptional, the Solfeggio tones have taught me to listen even more closely to the detail and the quality of the sounds about me. I had been sensitive to nature’s layers of sounds,from the bird and squirrel chatter to the leaf talk in the breeze. And I find that same ability can be heard in the sound tracks of mp3, friends, and of telephone partners.

An acquaintance 3000 miles away had a new rasping quality to his inhalation that I recognized clearly. We discussed the importance of intent in breathing that the process is not shut down in the throat and the upper chest. Intention to nourish and cherish the body, mind, and spirit with breath allows life to flow with zest. There was great hesitation on his part to listen to this message for he told me it seemed too simple. Now I find it is the simple things that respond most readily to intention and afford changes in the body, mind and spirit connections that literally propel the body past the goal post into healthy be-ing at all levels.

As a client on my table, I would be offering the OM tuner and offering the opportunity to talk in safety. I would discuss the use of mantra, and I would offer some starting phrase to build on that new neural pathways would be made available. I would discuss the right to choose and the use of intention.

I am finding that I must focus with great intention on my underlying habits, often useful in some circumstances yet mere habits of laziness. To say it another way: Rather than giving myself the right to choose to ‘color with all the crayons’ in a given moment, the crayon in my hand is being used again and again. There are other crayons in the box.

Let the sound of breath have the tonal qualities of wholesomeness and acceptance of self. Let each breath be a blessing.