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The Tone of my Independence Day Projects

Each year’s independence day had been devoted in part or in whole starting or finishing one project for my beautiful home. Past years had been devoted to new flower areas, new trellis, paint the porch, stain the bordering 6 foot fence, build the greenhouse, and this year is tile over the linoleum for the half-bath, utility room, and kitchen. The linoleum was in reasonable shape except for the surface now softening to mar and pick up dirt easily.

This Independence Day project also prepares for the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique class scheduled in two weeks, class size limited to 9. Please contact me for information on the upcoming Solfeggio tuning fork classes. If East Bay of San Francisco is too far away for you to come, please contact me so we can discuss hosting a class in your area. Hosting involves setting up a space for 20 students as well as advertising with local folks so there are enough interested people to practice and learn the techniques and fund the cost of the facilities. Come share independence, and sound the tone of creating a great environment for healing.