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Giving from a Happy, Full Heart

My original intention in every action is coming into focus at this time. My intention in offering training in Solfeggio sound therapy is sharing what I have observed useful to myself, and then others, and then combining into an unlimited toolset. The basic training for the courses was developed by Dr. David Hulse and passed through classroom training to me. My teaching method presents David’s training through the Phase 1, Phase 2, and SomaTuner classes. As work is performed by classmates on classmates, I observe and pass along some of the methods I found useful in addition to David’s training with the reminder that classes beyond mine will require David’s methods to be the primary toolset.

Some folks only want my services. One person came back from a private session reporting they were able to intercept the undesired source before it became thought, breathe in and out, and choose to move on with the gratitude of knowing that habit was done, complete, finished. Such happiness was pouring from my client that I could only smile with contentment and congratulate her on her graduation and her contentment.

I find that when happiness flows from my heart, I often feel others responding to my presence. I feel the happiness is often shared with a long and grateful glance in my direction by bird, dog, or person.

In much the same manner the Solfeggio tones offer serenity to the heart. The shared client healing intention accompanied by the healing tones allows reduction in tension and increase in serenity. My intention in private sessions is to aid the client in moving from painful habitual response into more balanced and heart-centered actions and intentions. Many of the folks want recordings so they can remember what came up as we explored their healing intention.