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A Celebration of Life for Edwin C. Schunke

My Father’s 98th birthday was celebrated at Shell Beach south of Jennings, CA with sound and ceremony. He died exactly 6 months prior at age 97 1/2. His body was amazingly fit and strong up to his 97th birthday when he stated, “I quit my day job”, i.e. abiding by the rules of independent living at Emeritus. His mind remained clear through to taking his last nap at a board and care of his choosing surrounded by staff and friends that adored him almost as I did. My Father supported my sound work, and more than once got off my massage table saying he felt wonderful. Sound therapy stabilized him even under the watchful eyes of hospice. One hospice therapist bought an OM tuner after seeing what it did for Dad and then feeling her own response as Dad watched us both. We shared many experiences, and I celebrate our shared journey.

Our favorite times shared were when we hiked together, especially the annual 10 day souljourns in the Tetons of Wyoming and Idaho. Dad carried the food (his pack got lighter, and he relished that!) while I carried the tent, water, and the sierra stove. There was the snow camping in Mt. Shasta’s treeline that we both agreed we were glad we did once. We practiced for the Tetons by hiking the Sierras and around Lake Tahoe, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam area, Mt. Tam and many others. We had other shared adventures from scuba diving & water skiing to flying his Luscombe airplane. Yet we kept going back to the hiking for the contact with nature and the great folks on the trails. My torn ligament and shoulder surgeries limited our hiking to day hikes after 2001, and my sound work is continuing to nuture my body back to fitness for the next hike.


1 Terry Hallett { 09.09.14 at 5:37 pm }

I was going over a bunch of information for a new website and came across some documentation Edwin shared with us for the Grant-X airfoil. What was the date of Edwin’s passing? It does my heart good to remember your father. A better man, I have yet to meet.

2 Heidi Schunke { 09.11.14 at 9:45 am }

My family has been searching for a place to display some of his trophies, radio control engine block test stand(s), and machined workings. His path to ultimately designing successful thermocouples that tell jet engine temperatures in the manner pilots need to see it is well worth documenting as the principles are still in production and being used in commercial and military applications today. Would you care to develop a showcase on your site? I would help you do this.