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My Match-Less Friends

‘As I change, you change’ is a teaching I found in the forest. When I walk with my tree friends, I find myself greeting them and celebrating in their strength and song. So, too, am I learning to greet all other friends, old and new. I am finding some friends are changing with me, and some are not. The folks changing with me are those present with me and not matching my energy. Rather, they are staying in their own energy as I come to appreciate that I am able to stay in mine. I find greeting friends as I greet my trees allows the greatest appreciation and respect for our individual choices and resultant journeys.

I used to be compelled to match energies with those around me, seeking to understand and be understood. I find this simply never works.

As one of my Match-Less Friends, I offer you my presence and my sound therapy services.

Please contact me for a private therapy session and more information.


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