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Why sound healing? What do I do?

Sometimes life’s curve balls bring physical pain. Rather than masking the pain in hopes it will just go away, I bring in my OM tuner and SomaTuner forks. Just about any pain will resolve in minutes. Some pains come back, and I carefully offer sound again, with attention, awareness, and healing intention. Gratitude is the best door opener, like “Thank you for bringing this pain to my attention (again).” Then a quick review of recent activities to see whether I have overdone and fatigued the area or whether this is telling me something else. I offer the sound, wait for feedback, and I listen.

For instance on Saturday I carried an awkward and very heavy Infoprint 20 up a flight of stairs for immediate use in my new network setup. With the excitement and success, my body did not complain on Saturday; yet I knew I had overdone. Applying sound to the complaining areas over the course of Sunday resolved most of my pain. Good rest last night resolved even the high left hip pain. No pills, just sound, patience, persistence, and healing intention. This was not a surprise as my migraines, dental, knee, and shoulder surgeries responded in the identical manner: reduction of inflammation, improved pain tolerance, and quick healing.

I am grateful to have studied the tuning forks all these years ago, and I am especially grateful for the dialog with my healing intention.