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Phase 1 On-Line Training to support Hands onTraining

The plan for preliminary on line training with later practical application on two or more class members is being tested. The benefits are that the material can be covered in one or more computer sessions in advance of a moderated performance of the techniques in groups of 2 or more.

Phase 1 introduces a sound modality using the Solfeggio tones which allows the recipient to comfortably use a shared healing intention enhanced by sound therapy. Solfeggio tones are stored within the body and facilitate a steady transition toward the shared healing intention. The most frequent response expressed by my clients after therapy has been relaxation and focusing of the mind and heart together toward their desired goal. This relaxed attitude brings changes easily assimilated into daily life.

Please contact me for further the Phase One class, audit credit, and on-line training information and regularly offerings in Phase 1, Phase 2, and the SomaTuner CE approved workshops.