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Sound Therapy Meeting on Line Covering “Staying in My Own Energy!”

Keeping my own core energy high has been in my face for the last few months. I have learned some tooling that I wish to make available to you. I have a vast selection of frequencies and tuning forks that I use regularly. By far, the OM tuner reigns supreme at the top of my list.

For me, using the OM tuner brings a calmness, and I feel the OM tuner calls energy back to my core. I keep it handy when driving long distances; I use it for facilitating meditation.

I am scheduling interactive web classes on “Staying in My Own Energy”. The class size will be limited to 15 or less on May 6th at 4PM PDT, San Francisco time. A few volunteers for a live demonstration would facilitate the session. Please use the contact for more information on participating live or over the web.