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SomaTuner Six Hour Class Fun!

Thank you Patricia, Kristin, Barbara, Lisa, and Joan for a memorable and FUN class! The SomaTuner class is 6 contact hours of uses for the SomaTuners. Our training manual offers us accupressure, meridian, elements, chakra, and spinus process techniques. Our hands on time affords everyone practice giving and receiving tones. Techniques are acquired for working with client concerns, issues, and focus while discussing methods to reward client solicited and unsolicited feedback.

Preparing the body for the tones involves asking permission, and clients are offered the OM tuner of Earth 136.1 hertz. By asking permission, indications of client readiness and responses guide the practitioner in both the proximity of the tuners to the ears. tone application method, and methods to reduce stress so as to invite quietness and healing response.

Thank you for another memorable classroom experience and for the wealth of practiced arts brought to the table, literally!