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Here is what one of my students is saying!

Marypat Lee was hostess to a Phase 2 workshop in Oceanside.  The attached video shows me actually tuning the photographer’s friend as this video was taken.  The photographer brought a friend that she knew could benefit from energy work due to emotional trauma.  Her friend had never investigated healing and energy work and was objective with the opportunity as she wanted new ways to move past habitual thoughts.  I was delighted to aid this lovely woman to literally see some of the pictures her body was unable to process for the split second that it took her to move past the trauma and into forgiveness and true healing.   Thank you, Marypat for being a great hostess and a good neighbor to a friend of friend in need. Please witness the healing response beginning at 1:31 of video. If the link does not open properly in your browser, you may find this video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o_Q1xk6uYs