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Clinical Confirmation, again.

A heart rate measured as 44 became a heart rate of 66 beats per minute. My father’s heart rate has been measured as low as 36 beats per minute, no pain, clear thinking, pink toes and fingers. ‘Does he meditate?’ you might ask. Well, of a sort. He is 97 and a half, processing memories and current events from a new space.

I say clinical confirmation, again, because after his measurement of 36 beats per minute on Thursday, I offered my body the OM tuner and then I used the SomaTuners in a pattern and with the intention of clearing the chakras so by touching my Father’s arm with my hand he could be offered ease. This ease fills in sufficient energy to empower his choices of getting better within the body or through the processes of exiting the body. While some folks call leaving the body death, for me it is a change of frequency and address. In the meantime, he is passing fluids and solids through normal methods, comfortable, and pain free with the exception of a sore, dry throat from coughing the last of the pneumonia phlem out and through the dryness of the oxygen level 2 intake.

Most bodies are dense and carry undigested food as debri filled waters pumped by an overworked pump called the heart. My father did not believe in excesses of food or alcoholic beverage though he did imbibe. Edwin often skipped meals when he could get away with it or was creating something. He did enjoy half a beer, a thimble of port wine or half a glass of sherry from time to time. Throwing caution to the winds, he sipped and savored 8 ounces of champaign along with 12 ounces of chicken and mashed potatoes yesterday. Supplementing this with 12 ounces of ginger beer and about 12 ounces of aloe vera juice was some water when he least expected it so he could not easily say no.

With not eating more than a bite or two of solid food today and with resting with me or his caretakers at his side, his heart rate was 44, and he was warm in a sunny west facing room. The hospice nurse expressed her concern, and I agreed that I had not offered sound therapy today as I was concentrating on getting liquids of all types into him a sip at a time. So I asked Judy whether she wanted to be an eyewitness to the effect of the sound frequencies applied to myself then through me to my father using physical touch on his arm for a short period. Less than 5 minutes of OM tuner slowly followed by the gold and green SomaTuners brought me to a better place of calm and his heart rate up to 66. Admittedly his circulation remained slow to respond leaving the hint of mottled toe tips. Still, the measurement surprised her as there was no direct intervention or intrusive process during the short time I toughed his arm. I activated the tuners with intention to be in better balance myself and offer the improved energy on; Edwin did respond. I left for a break, letting him enjoy his favorite Andre Rieu “Tuscany” with his traditional teary greeting for classical music and solo violin. He is very much his own man and still very communicative without speech.

Added some time later:
About half an hour after completing the post above and preparing to go back to Father, I received a telephone call asking me to come back promptly as my Father had just passed. He had been bathed by his favorite attendant, and he was comfortably and soundly sleeping when his supper was brought in a few minutes later. They did not wish to disturb him, so they came back a few minutes later to find him no longer breathing. His attendants were very distraught as he had been recovering so well from pneumonia and appeared very comfortable. As ever it was his choice; he remained his own man and communicative to the end. Heidi