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Tuning the Holidays and Counting Blessings

The familiar Christmas tones and lyrics are already replaced with political speculation and intrigue on radio and TV. The brief respite for balance of the energies in the turning point of long nights to lengthening days has been celebrated. A client friend has left his wife and two college age boys after a massive and complicated stroke. His family grieves and counts their blessings for their many fine family adventures.

I am also counting my blessings to have a 97 and a half year old father only just settling into his sickbed. We have backpacked hundreds of miles in the Teton heights from Driggs airport to the base of Grand Teton annually from 1992 through 2001 with other hiking trails thrown into the mix starting with 1972 adventures from the North Rim down to the the Grand Canyon basin during a tropical storm’s unseasonal cold rainfall.

Pneumonia is difficult at any age. Keeping my Father breathing deeply has been easier using the OM tuner and the Solfeggio inspired SomaTuners on myself. He receives the benefits yet he is not disturbed by the slight tickling on his skin. Courtesy of the antibiotics, his chest is clearing; his mind and heart remain clear. Yet even turning over in bed is an effort now. His verbal speech is difficult and mostly yes/no/enough, and much of our communication is by squeezing of hands in response to my questions. I watched him calmly staring wide eyed straight toward the ceiling yesterday as I was using the weighted tuners on myself. When he looked at me, I asked what he was watching. He made no effort to confirm or indicate what he is seeing. Yet his eyes appeared to be watching something with what I would describe as amazement.

Last evening he was sleeping soundly with only an occasional productive cough. He is eating and drinking fluids. Yet he feels to me to be just waiting for his own right timing. I will keep using the weighted tuners on myself and watch that his breathing remains deep and strong and relaxed for as long as possible.

Hospice has allowed me to continue with only the Montana Arnica as pain medicine, for which I am exceedingly grateful. Dignity and gentle ways are very important to me, and the Solfeggio inspired SomaTuner tones do allow my body to more easily transmit calm which clearly enhances his productive coughing and deep breathing in rest. Please witness my gratitude for all these blessings.