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Sounds of Happiness!

Christmas songs often tell of rebirth consistent with lengthening of the days. The sounds of winter wind and storm fade into the background with warm gatherings and opportunities for renewing friendships on a new and greater level. While I enjoy the abundant Christmas bustle and group visits, I find myself turning often to my place of inner quiet where my inner symphony awaits my own attention.

The anticipation of the symphony orchestra conductor tapping attention is the same for my tuning into my inner quiet place. A deep breath while gifting myself the grace of my still point even stops my parakeet budgies from full cacophony right now. I sense them resounding with my inside song, and now they quietly chirp along in a contented way tucking their heads under their wings to rest. In this manner I am able to offer others my quiet place during this holiday time. My friends and family are free to bide a while in concert with me or to continue on their way in their own song.

Tonight I take my guitar to visit my Father. His Christmas present at age 97 and a half tonight is to hear soft guitar strummed songs. Come, sing with me tonight.