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October Energy Changes

With the tree sap returning to earth, I am aware my energies return to my earth roots for the brief winter respite. Today I woke early and began my day with zest and new thoughts abounding. Then I chose to meditate on a specific new thought for five minutes, I found myself awake from a sound and very restful sleep 4 hours later. Adequate nutrition for me at this time includes relaxed conscious breathing, meditation, water, food, rest, and allowing my body to guide me in its seasonal needs. My quality of life includes harvesting balanced autumn energies between the falling leaves of chores completed.

Using the Solfeggio based SomaTuners deepened the quiet energies invited into my day. Using the SomaTuners on myself rather than on my 97 year-old Fathers skin directly allowed him to waken slowly and enjoy the benefits of the tuning fork. Once he woke to my presence, we were able to use quiet thought energies to ponder our potentials and discuss topics of spirit returning to source.