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Etheric vs Body Tuners in working with Papa

My experiences have me pulling out the etheric unweighted Solfeggio tuners for those folks ready to change or already addressing habitual response so they can make conscious choices now. I am finding a few folks like Grace in their eighties and nineties embracing the clarity and dancing away from habits based in anything but love of their journey. Then there are those like Papa still actively choosing fear as their journey yet still wanting to dip their toes into healing themselves. The etheric tuners offer my Father so much clarity of choice that he fears his own process.

I have found that many of the Solfeggio tone benefits are available through the gentle SomaEnergetics Body Tuners. For my Father, the gentle way calms his emotions and allows him wholesome rest. Offering him tones today did help. Bringing the tones in through my own body emanations was more successful today than working with the tuners directly on his body.

The same had been true with my Aunt. She would hold my hand and allow me to tune my own body though she would object to my touching her with the tuners directly by brushing the weighted tuner off like shooing away a fly. She became calmer and her hospital monitors illumined stabilized readings while holding my hand as I was using the tuning forks with a healing intention on only my own body. In the exact same process today my Father calmed measurably as I used the tuner on myself while holding a healing intention for us both.

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