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Tuning Papa

Papa is presently in assisted living. While Tara and her staff are receptive to sound work and support massage, they do not appear to truly comprehend the role of choice in the now.

Papa has had me work on him when other folks were saying he needed to go to emergency though they likewise acknowledged his own ability to choose. Papa did eventually choose to go to emergency of his own free will and was given no more than both antibiotic and a $1000 gallon of saline for dehydration. He was released because he was “too healthy to hospitalize” at age 97. Even using the Solfeggio tones and shared healing intention, his long time habit of dehydration has taken its toll. He is on his fourth round of antibiotics after receiving clearance as under 10% infection in his samples on the third go around. He is now in assisted living with loving and gentle folk who marvel at his clarity and consistency.

Tomorrow I take the Solfeggio tuning forks, and I ask that he and his body agree to the work and to review the need to express urinary tract infections and chronic dehydration. From what I heard him say today, Papa is done with ill health. He stated he wants to exercise. I place my energy toward getting better. I support his healing intention with my presence and my talents with the Solfeggio Tones.