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How can I use the Solfeggio Tuning Fork Tones in my daily life?

This amazing question arrives in my email and over the telephone. The short answer is “Yes, you can use the Solfeggio Tones for your own healing.”

Tom telephoned in exquisite pain related to his swollen jaw; we discussed his healing intention along with the use of his MI fork, 528 hertz. After we resolved his intention down to half a dozen heart-felt words, he hung up the telephone. He toned the MI fork and began soaking the area of his swollen cheek with the miracle tone. His headache resolved quickly; he telephoned to tell me about half an hour later how amazed he was with the process. In a few days he did choose to have a root canal for which I am exceedingly grateful. Once freed of his persistent headache, he was able to think clearly and seek dental assistance.

Was I surprised at his pain relief? I was not surprised. I lived a migraine headache relieved for 15 whole minutes in a noisy San Francisco boothe after 6 pounding pain-filled months with pain killers having no effect and my medical doctor telling me it was “all in my head”. Conscientiously using the Solfeggio Etheric Tuners, my painfree moments increased so that pain moments became an occasional surprise. I am grateful to report that my migraines faded away completely.

I became a Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher because I feel good using the Solfeggio tuning forks. I have now tested many of the tuning fork sets on the market, and I feel the Biosonic Solfeggio tuning forks are the best. I have not passed the other sets along because I have done some presentations comparing the effect of the various forks to small groups and individuals in for a private session.

Please call for your tuning.