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Sound Therapy and Heightened Sensory Awareness

A recent telephone caller asked about the results of sound therapy. Among my personal sound therapy experiences is a reduced internal stress level that automatically provides the resources for greater awareness. His response was to ask how the senses were heightened. At the time I answered his question, I asked whether he was aware that he had use of internal visualization when reading Braille, and he agreed that he had a process similar to seeing through his fingertips. I suggested that with heightened relaxation there would be more resources available so the whole body would sense input in much the same manner.

When I walk into a room without people, I immediately have a sensing of the room size, tone of light and sound, smell, and a general weaving of the senses of comfort with drafts or closed windows and much more subtle information. When I walk into a room with people there is the sensing of the attitude of the folks before receiving the general impressions of the room.

After a sound therapy session, the emotional input is similar to a room recently holding people but now empty, a sense of a void. The attitudes are carried for a while though the senses tell me the attitudes are clearing to bring into focus a more subtle awareness of the room characteristics of my life. If I liken this room to my current emotional perspective, then I am able to process the subtle emotional energies to rearrange or remove furniture of habit, open doors and windows to change of air, and other ways to change my internal views. Merely observing my emotional state changes my entire perspective and ability to interact with new input even as changed paint on walls alters the reflective tone and odor as well as the quality of life experience.

A reduction in internal stress and internal chatter after a Solfeggio sound therapy session feels to me to be gently filled to overflowing with an abundance of new and heightened sensory perceptions.