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Nuclear Radiation as Environmental Information can be Properly Digested

The Solfeggio Tones aid the body in processing many types of foods–mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Environmental information carried in the winds is just one more foodstuff for the body to process.

The frequency of 528 hz has unique capabilities of repairing dna as documented decades ago. More recently there have been writings of 528 hz used by the medical profession today in repairing stem cell dna in vitro. Although 528 hz is not part of the current classical piano scale, it is in use in other musical instruments including the native American flute, East Indian Sitar, meditation cds, and internet you-tube. Please think out of the box and look through your eyes of love to release any fears. Please dust off your resources: play that tuning fork, put in a cd in the player, go to www.youtube.com for some sound bytes, etc. to calm the senses to improve digestion of all experiences at every level available.

Please embrace the 528 hz healing opportunities made readily available for digesting the information about environmental surroundings.

I do teach classes in the use of all the Solfeggio tones as well as provide private sessions which aid digesting experiences, processing trauma and fear as well as pain relief.