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What question comes up most frequently?

Most often folks want to know how I became involved with the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Tuning Forks. My answer is that I had been praying for guidance on the next step of my healing journey. I had a catalog for a San Francisco healing fair that I opened haphazard to gaze mid-column and mid-page an advertisement for tuning forks to see the words pain relief. I had never been attracted to tuning forks beyond E for my guitar tuning. So I grabbed my pendulum and asked a series of questions.

Long story shortened, I was able to drive myself to Bart to get to the bottom of a hill with the fair goal not quite in sight. After the struggle to get there and in the door, the noise of the fair had my migraine on high intensity pain. When I got to the boothe, Tim of SomaEnergetics placed the OM tuner on my upper chest and my 6 months of throbbing migraine disappeared for about 15 minutes. I bought the OM and a set of etheric tuning forks. I began working with the OM tuner right away. The next day my collarbone clunked into a painless position when I placed the OM tuner directly on the collarbone. Such a sigh of relief came from me!

I unwrapped and worked with one etheric tuner a week by itself and in combination with the OM tuner. By the time the Level 1 class came in June, I knew each of the forks, what each one did for me accompanied my beloved chirping parakeet, singing joy with the gentle tones. And I had worn out the demo VHS tape that came with the forks.

In 2010 I became the first nationally licensed Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher (CMSTT). I delight in offering private sessions. I have been asked to present information on the Solfeggio tuning forks. I teach Level 1, Level 2, and Body Tuner techniques using the Solfeggio Etheric Color Tuners and the Color Body Tuners, both of SomaEnergetics trademark. And my parakeet chirps his contentment whenever I play for him and his extended family.

Thank you, Anne, for reminding me of the joys of this journey.