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CPA and CVSMT Sonic Healing

I dedicate this message to Sandy of Workforceunited.org and our lovely telephone conversation on advertising my Certified Public Accounting and sonic therapy businesses this morning. We handled the accounting business and moved to the sonic therapy. What an inspiration it was to hear Sandy internalize the concept of Solfeggio tone sonic healing and shared healing intention between two people!

So what happened? I explained that trauma is often stored as holographic memories. Often I find the pictures that come in dreams or in meditation are a request from the cells or at the cellular level for me to process in love a specific trauma or a series of cumulative traumas of the past. Whether it is from accident or overwork, trauma accumulates like sand in a stream eddying about unless emotional history is intentionally reviewed and cleared in love, “Thank you for the learning experience, and I am done with that.”

OK, Heidi, say this another way. My dislocated collar bone voluntarily relocated the FIRST time in more than a year when I knowingly and intentionally set the stem of my first OM tuner on the constant dull throb at collar bone joint to the sternum. Yes, there was a moment of flashback to the fall and searing pain when my body reclaimed its rightful position. After the clearly recalled image/clunk/pain, there was awesome pain free stillness of gratitude resonating throughout my body like ripples of a drop falling on a quiet pond. Because of my own body responses, I have completed my master teacher certification. I offer private sessions and train classes in Levels 1, 2, body tuners, and short presentations. I have been presenting body tuner tones with the OM tuner to gently clear the sensations (visual, sound, touch, taste, smell) used by the client body for storing their trauma until we intentionally offer the body opportunity to consciously clear cellular memory by rightful processing in love. This process is very similar in results to massage therapy though the muscles are gently manipulated by thousands of waves of tone rather than by hands.

Is this a guarantee that your results would be the same? No, results vary because healing intentions vary. I find the body generally prefers to cycle better rather than heal the trauma(s) at one time. This is especially so when it is a journey of older traumas. Also it appears to me that ease and grace and joy in healing is much more relaxing for everyone when their individual steps are taken while consciously breathing gratitude into the body. Rather than trying to jump a flight of stairs, the body often internalizes the lifting of gratitude step by step in tandem with changing old habit through conscious choice. Better conscious choices cycle the daily journeyinto better balance of motion, memory, structural integration, and spirit.

I would love to speak with you on bettering and balancing your healing journey. I do  sell the tuners in addition to teaching the classes. Please contact me for more information.

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