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Happy New Year Studies in Balance of Entrainment, Cymatics and Resonance

I have been carefully studying the effects of entrainment with family members as a form of service to them. I am actively choosing to emanate my own vibrations. The nature of entrainment is to match frequency to those around. To gently and clearly choose my own resonance is as simple as taking a breath out of synchronicity with the person or people nearby. I am finding the other person will often choose to balance themselves at the moment I acknowledge the need to choose my own path by choosing to balance myself.

Entrainment with family is taught at birth. I choose to center and balance my energies in my love. Once I am whole in my loving acceptance of my center, it is easeful and graceful to offer my acceptance and love of self to family members. I find this is a gentle process. More importantly, I find loving self is much more gentle on my body than entraining to the vibrations or “serving” or measuring my acceptance of the resonance in others by matching their frequency. I choose my own resonance in a gentle expression of love of myself. I offer you my love.

Transitional times are matched with transitional sounds. A lovely demonstration of controlled sand reorganizing for resonance is available at


Happy Holidays to you.