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Using the Weighted OM Tuning Fork

Breathe in and out. Pick up your fork. Breathe in and out.

*Hold the OM tuning fork by the stem without touching the forks.

*Tap the tuning fork on the outside palm of the hand on the fleshy part or on a tennis ball or hockey puck or hard rubberized surface

*Listen to the tuning fork The listening allows the body to fill the Sushumna of the spine and spinal fluids with sound chi. Listening to each ear individually by passing the tuner over the top of the head encourages both halves of the brain to engaged and focus as one unit. This is very important as most of our everyday lives stresses or engages one-half of the brain and that half frequently becomes overstimulated. Listening with both ears entrains BOTH HALVES back together so they begin chatting and acting as one big omnibrain in coordination with with the bioenergy, chi, qi, ki, photon, essence, goddess weave, life force–whatever name you wish to name the glowing energy envelope surrounding the skin and available for photograph by various aura capable cameras. The artists used the halo gold to show the same visible frequencies that mystics describe.

*Touch the stem to the sternum in the center of the chest and then to any ouch points. Listen for clicking muscle releases of tension and place the humming stem on the area of the release to add more sound chi nourishment being moved to and through the area.The body will pull the sound chi from the Sushumna resevoir to the areas requesting more chi, and the sound nourishment will continue to center the body for several hours after each session.

I find my OM tuner brings my body to the center still point each session with increasing clarity. The session results are cumulative as m body comes to center ever more quickly. I choose to drink lots of water to help the body supersaturate and return to its balance point"Sa" OM Tuner.
May the OM tuner be a blessing to you.