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Choosing to breathe!

Ready…set…GO! Inhale through the nose gently and quietly to feel a gentle stretch of the chest and abdomen, and exhale slowly and gently through the mouth. Simple, right? How many of your weaves did you just consciously engage? Did you feel only the physical body weave with a slight happiness at your choosing to consciously breathe? That slight happiness is the emotional weave wishing to participate.

Let us engage the emotional completely: try the breath again, in through the nose and out through the mouth and own that your body rejoices in the conscious breath! Feel the difference?

Now let us bring in the mental weave with an affirmation. At this moment my affirmation is: “I choose to happily bring the balance of breath to my mind and body.” Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth brings renewal of body, mind, and emotions.

Bringing the spirit weave into the breath with the affirmation: “I choose happiness and wholesome thoughts coming into my body as I consciously exhale and express my knowing the perfection of this breath now.” And the third breath brings the owning of a perfect moment of balance of inflow and outflow.

Adding the weaves of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to breath is affirmed with:
*Sight: “I choose to see the golden particles of love entering through the top of my head, dancing and lighting my brain to overflowing down to my heart and exhaled through the front of my body to my energy field. ” Sometimes I envision the solar flare photon energy clearly gifted to me to facilitate my breathing.
*Sound: “I hear the song of the ages bring new life into my body through my breath, and with my exhalation I allow my vocal chords to sound with quiet or tone of this complete cycle in breath energy.”
*Touch: “I choose to feel the cool air tickle my nostrils and gently open my chest as I feel my body quieten with the balance point before I gently exhale as I release my excesses back to the flow of life.”
*Taste: “I choose to taste the breath as it passes the base of my tongue and down my throat to fill my lungs and return the taste of my body excesses released back to the flow of life.”
*Smell: “I choose to smell incoming air gifted to me in abundance to fill my lungs and be released carrying the odors of my breath out to the flow of life.”

Information on prana breath is available through many websites and publications. I began consciously studying breath as a child, wanting to swim like the dolphins. Working with Aryuvedic precepts with John Peterson, MD in Muncie, teaching beginning classes under the Himalayan Meditation Yoga Center of Indiana for a summer in the 1980’s, and Deepak Chopra materials as well as through my meditations, I came to cherish the interchange and solace contained in the abundance of air in an inbreath, consciously choosing gentle breath over triggered emotions more often than not these last years. With the loving encouragement of Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling. I consciously choose photon breathing many times in a day.

I offer you the encouragement that I choose to keep close to my heart. This is a 1980’s quote from Betty at the Emissaries of the Divine Light in Muncie, “Let each breath be a blessing.”