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Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce has been a lifelong resource with my first contacts with him dating back to 1967 or earlier. His views on nutrition blended with my own. His views on sound healing blend with my own. I had been aware of Pythagorean and other tuning forks. When the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio tuning forks entered my life and the tones began gently nuturing my sound awareness to a place of balance, I purchased and investigated the other tone systems in yogic, pythagorean, other Solfeggio tuning fork systems, and fractional sounds of the A=440 scales. The just intonation of the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio whole hertz frequency waves combined with my healing intentions offers my body a sound nurition. I find reduced stress and heightened happiness is available to me and to my budgies, my parakeets. who greet the tones with happy chirp sing-a-longs. In future posts, I will include quotations from Edgar Cayce readings on sound healing. In the meantime, here are videos of and about Edgar Cayce which I enjoyed on YouTube. Edgar Cayce Video, nerve system/reflexology, Egyptian Legacies, Castor Oil Pack.


1 laura { 02.26.13 at 7:01 am }

Please keep me informed of any upcoming classes.. I live in Lodi for now.. so not so far away..I am very interested in Sound therapy.. In all honesty extra finance at this time are a challenge so please don;t give up on me.. Just a phase .. 🙂 I’m going to manifest. :)Smile

BTW I had the blesssing of living in Virginia Beach and attending some classes at ARE.Sat beside Edgar’s famous couch..Cool
Many thanks, Laura

2 Heidi Schunke { 02.26.13 at 7:44 am }

Yes, I will keep you in the loop for upcoming classes. Did you know my good friend Kieth VonderOhe while he was in administration at Virginia Beach’s ARE center?

3 Heidi Schunke { 05.28.14 at 7:27 pm }

Would you like to come to Boomtown for June 4th and 5th for the SomaTuner 6 credit hour class on weighted tuners?