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Solfeggio Choral Group

I have used mantra song and prayer all my life to transform experiences into more loving circumstances.  I invite your suggestions.

I give an example of what worked for me:  When something big sniffed at the door of the tent while backpacking near glaciers surrounding Meek’s Pass near the Grand Teton in Jedediah Smith Wilderness of Wyoming with my Father, I burst into glorious mantra prayer (Psalm 23 in entirety in alto) and the sniffing was gone instantly!  Oh, my Father woke and grabbed the branch sequestered by his sleeping bag.  I knew inner peace for the song had stated our position as well as my tone or essence.  I knew in absolute certainty there was protection for the big sniffer as well as for us! (The bearbag was far away and up very high!  No food, dear bear!) 

I intend to protect my choices as well as myself in these times of transition.  I wish to sing songs of praise centered in the six Solfeggio tones of transformation.  Stuart Mitchell’s book was insightful, http://www.stuart-mitchell.com/order_rosslynpdf.htm. Also the work of Deepak Chopra working with primal sounds for several decades was useful, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNa61dJ74rU&feature=player_embedded#at=12 I invite comment on how this is best manifested.


1 HHS { 07.14.10 at 10:47 pm }

Mantra weaves the senses into the 6th sense, the sense of knowing. Journey on the mantra has been done through the ages. Would it be useful to have a Solfeggio tuning to help me journey using the 6th sense? To the extent that energetic blocks are anchoring habits, the SomaEnergetic Energy Vitality Technique can help. Intention is key; using the 6th sense for an expansive purpose is critical to embracing the sensitivity of the 6th sense.

2 HeidiS { 07.15.10 at 7:06 am }

Norma Gentile sings the songs of Hildegard von Bingen, http://www.healingchants.com/art_int.commconex.html. Norma has chant workshops which may include Gregorian Chant. Norma is a soprano soloist; the musical scores appear to have been converted to modern (A=440) scores rather than using the Gregorian Chant Solfeggio Tones. I would appreciate hearing more on your intentions for chant and workshops.