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Biofeedback: Aura Imaging Post Tuning Session Reintegration

Making video of the tuning sessions has allowed me to appreciate the energy flows captured by the Aura Imaging system. It is great reinforcement of the level of energy available through the tuners and through collaborative healing intention.

Overall through the learning provided by several dozen folks, the most beneficial processes appear to be having a closing recording. Allowing the person to discuss their session before the video allows the practitioner and the client to review the intention, insights gained through the session, and follow-up actions. Watching the energy reflected through the computer brings into clear focus the use of words, attitudes, and thoughts invigorating energy so that the new biofeedback tooling becomes innate. To hear the “Wow, that is what I had been doing to myself” followed by the realization that refreshed energies are an attitude and breath away is awesome.

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