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Walking the Earth Path: Part 1

On this earth journey I have known many injuries to body, mind. emotions, and spirit. The injuries I have inflicted upon myself, like injecting a rose thorn into my finger with a careless gesture, are often the easiest to heal as there is no emotional confusion woven into the event. Those injuries apparently inflicted upon me from the outside have proven the most stubborn to eradicate, and I have come to know this is because at some level I invited in, earned or requested the injury through inappropriate thoughts, responses, words, and deeds or by special request of my spirit that I may better learn to walk in the footsteps of another whose path I may not have viewed with even the simple compassion side of love. Through my behavior I had embedded an emotional confusion that became necessary to release.

As I experience it, healing old injuries is an imperative requirement for moving on with my life. I continue to view healing as a natural process, and I honor the fact that the body lusts to clear injuries completely. For me, using medications as a crutch to shield receptors from pain interferes with healing through to release. Releasing mental, spiritual and physical attachment to the injury leads to the emotional memory of the injury, and eventually leads to the emotional thought-form creating the injury as an energy weave clearing. Leaving the thought-forms embedded requires the body to mobilize greater resources to bring attention back to the source of the disturbance. The body’s cellular memory has vast resources to mobilize, and I prefer the signals of small skirmishes with ego and inner resolution to peace over great battles involving other beings and locations.

Releasing played out emotional thought forms appears to me to be an art of refreshing depleted energies to leave only the memories of the experience without emotional vexation or supercharge. Through proper intention, tools like Yoga Nidra and the Solfeggio Tones may be brought in to align surging emotions and heal the creation weave completely. Releasing the emotional binds to the memory has for me proven to finalize the healing into complete clarity of the present moment.

I find this growth into letting go becomes a celebration of self-mastery. Moving the energies marks the change from participant to that of an observer of a movie or a video game to be played or reviewed. Like masters of Chess continue to study the games of others even after they know a level of mastery, so earth bound rainbow elders like me are free to continue life reviews so long as drug intervention does not disturb or impede the wealth of information available through the healing process.

In my karate training, there had been rainbows of colors leading to the attainment of the black belt, symbol of the first level indicating mastery. This mastery quest of rainbow learning weaves itself throughout my life. In the upcoming blog series, I celebrate the life of the Crystal Rainbow Elder. In the next few days I will be presenting methods I have used successfully to move past emotional blockage and defeat, so please check back often.

Journaling has been important in my studies of self-mastery. Please check out my Amazon ebook Manifesting Inner Tranquility: Journaling for fundamental methods I have used to work through this mission critical internal process.