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OTTO Tuners and Refreshing Calcium Balance

Each OTTO tuner is an octave of the key of C: 32, 64, and 128 hertz. Historically 128 hertz has been used by the medical and chiropractic professions to detect the presence of a broken bone as it triggers muscle movement in injured areas, creating intense pain at the location of the break.

My use for the long 32 hertz placed on the breastbone is to refresh thymus energies for calcium use. The 64 hertz refreshes energies in tendons, ligaments, and discs to allow the body to remobilize calcium for healing or to release the calcium after healing has finished. The 128 hertz refreshes use of calcium in muscles for rapid healing of sports injuries and carpal tunnel. 128 hertz will also encourage fully recovered muscles to discharge the sharp calcium crystals back to bone marrow and bones.

I have designed a brochure for the OTTO tuners, and it is available in .pdf OttoTuner Uses

I sell OTTO tuner sets as well as selected other BioSonic tuning forks on location in Fairfield, CA. I offer private sessions, speaking engagements, and classes on this and other tuning fork uses upon request.