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Written Clarification for Journaling the Elder Futhark Contextual Uses

Thank you for questions on my journaling books, and especially thank you for asking about the Elder Futhark rune meaning selection. Definitions of the runes in modern American English have been translated many times from origins and into many current languages. The most ardent of scholars analyze text to arrive at the historically and culturally contemplated rune meanings using texts from the carvings on wood, wax, stone, and walls as well as reconstructed museum pieces in use in private homes and public collections. The meanings I have provided in my Journaling the Elder Futhark are those carrying the highest level of meaning for me with words chosen to respect the Elder’s communication. The methods I describe have been used for several decades by myself and my friends in a current cultural context to develop internally directed and reflected energy dialog. My methodology was the purpose of the book, and my friends encouraged me to refresh and release it as a paperback so others could develop their own inner dialog.

As noted on page 7 of Manifesting Innter Tranquility: Rune Journaling the Elder Futhark, Sweyn Plowrights’s The Rune Primer is an example of a scholarly reconstruction of the shifting and changing meanings of multiple runesets within the original culture contexts.