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Yoga Nidra Venue Sought

I am seeking a venue for weekly, recurring yoga nidra classes within 25 miles of the junction of I80 and I680. An ideal class would begin at 7PM to 8PM with the meditation beginning at 7:15PM after a short introductory discussion. After the session quiet will be observed to allow the meditation healing processes to continue with minimal interference.

A meetup.com listing would be as follows:
Invitation Phrase: Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self-improvement, Consciousness, Spirituality, Wellness, Energy Healing, Stress Relief, Alternative Medicine, Healthy Living, Stress Management, Transformation, Holistic Health and empowerment.

What to bring:
Bring your own blanket, pillows & water bottles (8.5 alkaline water available on site). We will consciously invoke healing energies in shared yogic conscious relaxation.

Time allowance and Etiquette:

It is recommended that silence be practiced afterward. Allow at least 10 minutes before driving. Drinking water after the event is highly recommended to bring closure and wakefulness. (Pre)Registration limited to ___ due to space (as necessary).

Details on the instructor and instruction guidelines:
Heidi Schunke is a certified practitioner who has studied under Dr. Marc Halpern. No pets and no children who might be unable to participate quietly for 45 minutes of yogic conscious relaxation, please, as a courtesy to others. Discussions and intentions will be discussed before the session. Closing discussions will be held outside the healing space as desired. Please see SolfeggioSound.com for more information.

I would appreciate your feedback and your consideration of locations for this class. Please contact me with specific details and information.

You may also contact me through facebook.

My Yoga Nidra cd is available on Amazon.com as part of the Abby’s Glory Series, Manifesting Inner Tranquility.