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Being Whole and Completely Present

My success in debunking my concepts of outer life service mentality and submersion of self to the experience vs being present in the circumstance has been tested and retested ad infinitum recently. The last few times there was only the recognition of “I once would have participated in that” along with a quiet realization of quiet. Where once I would have celebrated completion with a smile or a response, there has only been the sense of inner quiet like a boat gently rolling in the ocean. I have tried to express this concept of quiet, and I just found an excerpt that expresses what I call being present with a situation but not of the situation.

Excerpt from Gandaji’s You are That page 312 on service: “When you see yourself in another form and that form is suffering or confused, what is in the best service of truth?
To be absolutely quiet. Quiet provides the only true help, and from the depths of quietness, either particular action or nonaction will naturally arise. No thought is needed for direction. Anything else is involvement in a particular story of suffering. As long as you are involved in the particular story of suffering, you are overlooking what has never suffered. Recognize what is whole and complete, now and eternally. True recognition is the mother of all acts of compassion.

Quiet holds the whole spectrum of behavior. There is a ruthlessness and relentlessness to compassion, as well as a gentleness and lightness. The whole range of experience can serve truth.”