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Edgar Cayce on Planets referenced to Planetary Tuning

Jeffrey Furst’s Edgar Cayce’s Story of Attitudes and Emotions speaks to the effects of planetary alignment. “Spiritual contact is (made) through the glandular forces of Creative Energies…Thus we find a connection and an association of the spiritual being with the mental self in any of those centers (glandular) from which reflexes react with all the organs, all the emotions, all of the activities of a body. (263-13)” A list of planetary links to the glands follows:
Jupiter to Pituitary, Mercury to Pineal, Uranus to Thyroid, Venus to Thymus, Mars to Adrenals, Neptune to Leydig, Saturn to Gonads (281).

Jeffrey then goes on to remind us that what is important is to fully accept the past memory or event, real or imagined, and then detach. Since thoughts are things, recognize the memory or event was all part of an experience designed for soul growth. Assigning good/ bad or any duality judgement impairs detachment and increases the difficulty of understanding self and offering compassion and forgiveness to others in our experiences.

The Solfeggio tones can be used to assist reaching the detached state of emotions. I am not saying erase the experience rather offer emotional clarity to the viewpoints. While it is useful to remember experiences, there is no need for the emotional tug to act as a fleck of debri on the gland, reminding us to habitually play the same track on the cell memory over and over. I am saying clean the cd so you can enjoy the full gamut of choice living a vigorous and vital life. Healing intention plays a key role in this change. Sharing healing intention with me as facilitator may be very beneficial to your process.

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