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Self-Healing Tones-Part 15

My marketing skills have been limited to telling my own truth. This remains a self-imposed strategy, and I do not see that core changing. However, I have felt a new lightness when offering explanations of how to do circular breathing and what frozen emotions represent to the body and how the Solfeggio tones release the frozen energy back to now. I feel words like:
our cellular brains may be tiny, yet as a collective these cellular brains carry much more capacity and much less interference than the gray matter that is so easily programmed by others.

Statements like the roller coaster ride of visual perceptions on ‘TV’s blow it up and forget the consequences’, and the ‘cellular response to the clanging of a siren’ are rolling off my tongue. Poking fun at the highly developed sensual triggers of the media feels like my only recourse for how ridiculous marketing ploys have become. “Truth is still the Truth” said Gandhi. Truth does not need to be sold but only reminded or offered as a glimpse. For instance:

Your eyes are beautiful just the way they are, without all the gum and glue.

I appreciate that your nose has a zit in the corner, and your body is healing beautifully!

I enjoy the freedom of having my hair mussed by the wind and not falling back into habit.

Life is unconquerable; I choose life’s unexpected results and all.