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Self-Healing Tones-Part 14

The blessings of time shared with kindred sprits is amplified when healing intention is present. After 3 days of working with UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, and LA of the Gregorian ages often called the Solfeggio tones along with the DNA, SomaTuner, and OM tones with healing intention, the world feels bright indeed.

The SonaTuner product by SomaEnergetics can be used in ways similar to accupressure. The tones penetrate deeply through skin and muscle tissue, massaging and releasing embedded memories while promoting the healing effects of Nitric Oxide (hereafter NO). In the article “Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation: Down Regulating Stress Processes and Pathologies” by Elliott Salamon, and Minsun Kim, John Beaulieu, and George B. Stefano, spiking NO was documented as a physiological process reducing cellular tension. Finding indicators of stress and methods to measure stress reduction resulted in documenting the study of cellular Nitric Oxide manufacture and release as a puffing cycle. When cells are puffing nitric oxide in normal rhythmic cycles, the puffing:

*Enhances cell vitality, vascular flow and heart healing
*Destroys bacteria and viruses at a micro level which naturally enhances our immune system and increases our ability to prevent and fight infections
*Increases resistance to stress and greater levels of energy and stamina
*Sharpens mental clarity and diminishes states of depression due to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system
*Improves digestion and natural cleansing
Plus it simply feels good to breathe with ease and grace. I would love to document with million dollar studies the effects of the class training this past week. At this time, I simply do not know how to document separately the effects of healing intention and of cellular response to healing tones along with the synergy that clearly is present when used by several folks together. Both on their own are impressive tools. Combining focused intention with historically documented healing tones enhanced by the synergy of kindred spirits has proven very beneficial to me yet again.