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Self-healing Tones-Part 13

Practice, practice, practice is part of the walk in tonal healing.  We will be practicing June 4th in Boomtown on the CA/NV border.  My hostess wants to practice some of the techniques with her teacher-me.  I am delighted to work with her, and we will be meeting at the half-way point!

Practicing the techniques allows the sensitivity for the messages of the tuning forks to mature naturally through discernment.  Clarity is a buzz word right now, and several of the folks near me are looking outward into the world, seeking clarity on what to do.    They look at bottles building up in the oceans bringing mass destruction to wildlife.  They tell of chemtrails and mass intervention with health and food.  Then they seek clarity on what to do, looking for great leaps of faith and huge actions.  These are admirable traits, for taking responsibility is the issue here.

My concern is discernment of what is mine to do.  I ask What is true now often.  Another question is What is the next step?  So it simple for me to buy NO plastic bottles–not even for dish detergent.  The few plastic bottles I still have in the household get recycled even down to flowerpot cut-offs.  And I celebrate those folks building greenhouses and other temporary and permanent buildings with plastic bottles as they are fine insulating pockets of air that pass light through admirably.

Discernment with chemtrails and GMOs is the realization that keeping the body energy levels high allows the body to naturally use all of its capabilities.  We have chromosomes for every conceivable protection and a lot more besides.  Awakening the chromosomes of youth, vitality, and discernment is a great way to start the day.  And using sound like a bird, greeting each new dawn with celebration in song.  “Sing, sing a song–make it happy to last your whole life long” is a song often on my lips since first hearing it on my transistor radio 60 years ago.

I agree big things need done; we can do them together.  Starting internally and then seeking the next step is the only way to run a marathon.  How could living a full and active life be different?  So whistle while you work, sing your song, and be happy in discerning the next step for it is only a step away!



1 Gary C Smith { 05.29.14 at 12:15 pm }

I love Original Thinking. A quote or two is great, it saves creativity.
I like your info, the ecology, the practice x3 and the concepts of steps. Those who write their own material are the muses of the future.
Gary C

2 Heidi Schunke { 05.29.14 at 4:06 pm }

Thank you, Gary! Thank you for visiting my site. I will see you Saturday at your meetup!