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Self-Healing Tones -Part 11

I have continued my investigation of healing tones with becoming a certified instructor of Yoga Nidra. Called by a different name, I first taught yogic sleep in combination with teaching yoga at the Indianapolis under Rose Getz in the 1970s. My certifying teacher was Dr. Marc Halpern, founder of the California College of Aryuveda in Nevada City. Rounding a circle, healing intentions pulled me back to my early yogic training.

Having two or more share an intention of healing and wholeness is very beneficial in moving past stale and stuck energy. Having taught many classes in Solfeggio tuning forks, I had hoped to be able to receive the blessed sound treatments in reciprocity. Returning to my early yogic training was seemingly predestined.

During this teacher training course, the class was invited to have teacher and student-teacher sessions. Each session afforded stillness meditations aimed at increasing prana flow through all levels of body, mind, and spirit. As this is a guided relaxation, We were given increasingly longer breaks between sessions to assimilate the fresh energies. Many of us would remain for a half hour or more after the session. Stillness meditations were encouraged to allow the quiet energies to percolate through all levels.

I find myself comparing the yogic and sound healing methods. Both bring the body, mind, and spirit to the same internal healing space. Shared healing intention and sacred space are key to both processes. Both are amazing healing methods. Self-discipline is necessary to maintain the energy flow and intention for both modalities. Step by step the changes manifest toward balanced energies and self-awareness of healing potential.

Journaling also develops healing intentions. Please see my e-book on this topic called Manifesting Inner Tranquility-Journaling published by SolfeggioSound Press and sold on Amazon.com. In this book I provide a selection of methods I have used to move through my compulsive service mentality and into objectively looking at the choices available to me in the current moment. Objectively looking at what is going on now is a training process, and the results are that choices become more refined and fun.