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Self-Healing Tones-Part 12

Sounds rebound. Did you just say ‘Huh?’

Sound carries through water as ripples.  Sound waves travel outwards from source just like water ripples outward from a dropped stone. The water ripples eventually impact a non-water boundary and rebound back to source. So too does sound rebound within the water of the body cells, and the tones returning are similar yet carry the tone of the boundary impact as well as the boundary itself. Resounding is a form of internal payback and can promote internal dissonance.

My truth is every sound and tone played by/on my body, mind, spirit, and emotions will rebound back within myself, much like ripples or echoes. I choose to to be active in my choice of expression.  I am proactive in my study of tones and resonance or dissonance.

What residual sounds are you choosing to let rebound inside your personally inflexible boundries?

I offer Solfeggio sound tunings that will help quieten the rebounds into your own personal smple, harmonic melody.  The results of the tuning last after you leave the table.  Please contact me for more information.