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Self-Healing Tones-Part 9

Evenflow is the new balance opening according to my guidance. Evenflow tells of a plethora of sensing mechanisms both supporting and overarching sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The emotional attachment to evenflow is less precarious than the concepts of emotions projected at us from media. The sensations are most present when acting from a space of generosity of spirit often called love of self.

The spectrum of emotions when being unkind to self through self-talk or self-recrimination is heavily laden with external training. The external is most easily softened and cleared with a self-respecting acknowledgement that the current action or thoughts were the best accomplished until now. With that acknowledgement of present, vast new opportunities for improvement of self are lavishly poured into the moment and onto the path to allow the choices to be yet more in honor of the gift of now.

With consistency of self-acknowledgement and self-awareness, the evenflow can overarch a range of choices as being the most wise and loving of self. I had trouble with this for a long, long time as I felt the need to be in service to others. Sometimes the best way to serve others is to be selfish of my energies and withdraw in order to regenerate my own energies. Thus my self-respecting choice of rest or relaxation will allow me to be both more generous with my self and act from a stronger and more honorable place of rest within my soul.

Evenflow holds much promise for me of going to yet another level of self-awareness. To me this is a tone of the soul based in sounds, smell, taste, touch, and sight. Musicians speak of sharps and flats around their fractile sound tones. I speak of ranges of senses around the senses being tones, each with its own unique space in creating whole tones of expression and impression.

I am grateful to be able to offer you the tone of evenflow.