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Self-healing Tones-Part 8

Finding beautiful sounds when I walk is simple. The sounds of trees greeting the wind is a celebration of beauty. Eucalyptus leaves sounding like a stone bottom brook bring the promise of life to our drought browned hills. The wind’s twisting of twigs on the nectarine celebrate the promising swelling buds of spring blossoms and early fruiting in the unusually warm and dry January, 2014.

The yips of dogs in the dogpark celebrate the stick throw of their caretakers. The muted throbs of trucks on I680 tell of the interstate commerce early Saturday morning. Walking in sound beauty involves acknowledging the life abounding in and on soil and sky.

Finding beauty in sounds allows the body to be present in a wholesome manner. The cells and molecules bubble with life sounds in tune with the surrounding sounds. The blending resonances speak of the vastness of dancing potentials. A walk in nature is tuning to earth and all her crawling, walking, swimming, and flying folk. The OM tuner 136.1 has historically been used as a yogic meditation sound since it incorporates the same peace energy as walking through a natural setting.